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Calle + Calle Artwear is a full line of handmade leather fashion accessories. Our signature vintage effect is created by the special washing treatments of our 100% vegetable-tanned cowhides. The expertise of third generation saddle makers helps us to achieve a perfect balance between craftsmanship and luxury Рeach creation is an exclusive and beautiful accessory. Calle + Calle accessories are designed by Colombian fashion designer Nicole Vasquez at Calle + Calle’s atelier, honoring a centuries-old tradition of hand-stitched perfection.

Calle + Calle Artwear uses only the highest quality cowhides, tanned with natural vegetable products and cured in traditional methods. Each piece is made using low-tech artisanal methods, steering clear of modern mass production precision, which means that every one of our creations is unique. The rough-hewn feel and heritage look of all Calle + Calle accessories only gets better and better with each wearing.Nicole Vasquez